How to choose a tablet in 2019

In recent years, tablets have become the favorite device in many homes when it comes to connecting to the Internet, accessing social networks, searching the Internet, sending emails … Currently in the market we have different models at our disposal, different operating systems, different sizes, different price … If you believe in the post-pc era […]

Foldable Drone with HD Camera – TK116W

Many people, when they are children, want to be an airplane or helicopter pilot, and are imagining flight situations, landings and aerial maneuvers. Over time, people are growing and continue to feed the dream of being a pilot, being in the aeronautics, and they do everything to make that happen. Some keep the childhood dream […]

3 Gadgets To Save Energy

As much as they explain, I still cannot understand a light bill. It’s a topic, but I swear I’ve tried it more than once. What I do know is that each month is a greater effort for the family. In addition, seeing how strange this summer has been in terms of time, every day I […]