Safeguarding Yourself With Automated Garage Doors

If they do not have safety features, electric garage doors can be dangerous. When you are operating an electric door, be sure to keep children and animals in mind.

The Construction Products Regulations and Supply of Machinery Regulations are two pieces of legislation that this type of door must be compliant with. They must also meet various safety requirements. The regulations state that the door should have an anti-squash mechanism and must be able to avoid falling forward if its balance system is not working. For details on Garage Doors Gloucester, visit Up and Over.

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Electric Garage Doors Gloucester can have a variety of safety features to help prevent anything or anyone from getting stuck.

  • A safety border, also known as a ‘collision detector’ is a great way to make sure that no one gets stuck. The bottom is fitted with a rubber bumper strip that detects when it touches anything and stops it from moving.
  • A hold or deadman’s switch is required to be within sight of the door. It is more secure than using a remote because you need to hold the switch in order to move the door. Locating the switch near the opening should help prevent any problems. When using a remote control, the user should be able to see clearly if anyone is blocking the door. You will have to install additional safety measures if you wish for the remote to operate at a distance greater than 2m.

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  • A curtain of light beams placed across the opening will stop the electric current from the motor in case something gets caught between the door and the curtain. It is safer to use a light beam curtain than just a single one.

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