How to get yourself out of a business rut

Business is challenging and, at times, emotionally exhausting; therefore, it is little wonder that business owners and managers find themselves in a bit of a rut now and again.
This rut could be due to excessive work for minimal return, or it could simply be that the business is sufficiently successful and there is no real impetus to look for ways to improve; however, staying still can result in a business going backwards. Being able to motivate yourself out of a business rut is a vital skill for all owners and managers, so let’s look at some top tips.

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Assessing the current position

The first step towards making any change is to assess the current position accurately. Why have matters ground to a halt? Take a full assessment of the current business using techniques such as the SWOT analysis, which looks at strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

It can be quite difficult to undertake this, so it is well worth looking at engaging experts such as Cheltenham business advisory service Such experts can undertake an analysis of your current position.

Moving forwards

Once you have a clear understanding of where your business is, the next step is to plan the way forward. Set some key goals, identifying what you would like to achieve and considering the best way to achieve these goals.

An effective way to gain focus is to join a reputable organisation, such as the Federation of Small Businesses. A networking group can assist in identifying new market areas that may reignite interest.

Look at the individuals within the business. Is there an opportunity to move people or to offer new projects that may ignite a little passion? Taking a break as a manager or an owner can have a strong impact on performance going forward.

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Obtain feedback from all sources, from staff, customers and suppliers to friends, family and business acquaintances, on what the business does well and any ideas they have for its future. Change and focus will soon remove the rut.

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