Six mistakes to avoid when creating banner ads

A great banner ad can make a real difference to your digital marketing campaign, but only if you avoid these six common mistakes.

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Basic Grammar and Spelling Issues

Would you trust a company that doesn’t proofread their own ads? This is a major turn-off for customers because it looks like your company doesn’t do things properly.

Busy HTML5 Banners

An HTML5 banner ad needs a clear, concise, and quick message. Although rich media is great, there needs to be a central concept. Convoluted messages that require analysing, or too many different design elements, can just lead to confusion. Remember, confused viewers turn away very quickly.

Mucking up the Colours

There are two things to get right when it comes to colours. Firstly, do they match your existing branding, making the ad instantly familiar to your brand? Secondly, have you considered colour psychology and how different colours create different moods?\

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Getting the Audience Wrong

It’s imperative that you know your audience. Your ad should be realistically desirable to them, or at least relatable to their own experience. Misunderstanding your target audience in your HTML5 banners will make them think your product or service is not for them.

Missing out Links and Contact Details

One of the most important elements of a banner ad is that it can result in a click-through or a customer getting in touch in another way, whether that is via social media, email or even phone. Make sure that your ad makes it really easy for people to take action.

Logo and Image Mix-up

Your logo should be instantly recognisable as a logo. It shouldn’t look like an image. Brands that already have clear digital branding will find this easier. This is a common mistake and is one of the reasons it’s best to consult experts like who will ensure there’s no confused imagery in your HTML5 banners.

These mistakes are easy to make, but also very easy to avoid. Be sure to go through this checklist before you upload your next HTML5 banner ads.

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