Ozone Strike Battle Keyboard

Ozone Strike Battle, new mechanical gaming keyboard

Ozone remains strong betting on the gaming world, launching this time of a compact mechanical keyboard with red LED backlit, The Ozone Strike Battle. The Battle Strike offers a full range of Cherry MX switches, so that the user can select the desired one to suit your taste (blue, black, brown and red). And its ergonomic and compact design ensures a very comfortable by allowing free space […]

Xbox Control

Control Wireless Elite Xbox One

The Microsoft has worked hard to offer increasingly differentiated content to users of the Xbox One. Evidence of this is the recent redesign of the console interface and the backward compatibility with Xbox 360 games. The Wireless Elite Control is most of these services. Briefly, the joystick has everything to please squarely users videogame that value for a quality accessory that enhances the gameplay in games and […]

XBox Consoles

Xbox consoles of your life

Today, with the help of the first Xbox, we will terminate this small special entitled “The consoles of your life” with which we wanted to rescue some of the consoles that over the years we have enjoyed. Obviously many machines have been left out (Saturn, Lynx, Jaguar, GameCube, Neo Geo, etc., etc., etc.), but it was not our […]

Game Gear

Game Gear consoles history

Having briefly reviewed the history of the Game Boy from Nintendo, today we continue with another of that mythical handheld console: the Sega Game Gear. I know many of you like this machine and a few others I did know in the comments of the article on the Game Boy, so here we go. As in previous posts on consoles […]