After spending a year in white, Tim Cook assures that Apple has important desktop computers in its roadmap


We tell you what they want to tell us from Apple; the reality is that computers that have been upgraded and redesigned this year are portable house. As well has been criticizing, desktops are living a fairly long ‘soft’ pause: the last iMac dates from October 2015, with the Mac mini the thing is worse because no major changes since 2014. No improvement the thing with the most powerful device in the house, the Mac Pro, which is what it is since December 2013.

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Apple CEO has been responding to various questions of employees and the people of TechCrunch has had access to these communications, so we can talk a little about the future of Mac computers, according to the promises of Tim Cook: “We have important desktop computers in our roadmap.”

We have spent another year in white with computers Mac desktop, so we have no one to heeding the CEO and think that major changes must be close, but the reality is that demand laptops market, and that is where Apple Has priority.

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Desktop computers do things that laptops cannot

Tim Cook ensures that desktop computers are part of its strategy, there needs to be more powerful, beyond what can be done with a laptop, and offers larger screens and more storage solutions in its offer. It boasts that the iMac 5K is up to date and has the best display on the market.

Possibly we have new iMac when Intel decides that its seventh generation of processors is a reality of the market, and that has to happen from January of the next year

Its statements little we can draw, but has all the earmarks that what we are going to update computers are all-in-one, the iMac. Although there had always been many interesting solutions in the Windows 10 competition, so far he had not felt such powerful as that will put pressure Surface Studio, no choice but to put the batteries.

A mini and Pro will see less future, although they are fantastic platforms is very widespread in their respective battlegrounds. It’s a shame, both teams were getting annual improvements a lot of years, until they forgot about them, with that at least you got to buy a moderately updated team.

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