The mobile connection longed reach the second generation of Apple Watch, according WSJ

Apple Watch

It has served one year since the launch of Apple Watch, and contrary to many predictions, clock Apple has gone through a kind of uncertainty, where some studies mention that their sales are good, but not spectacular as expected, plus Apple from the beginning has given no official sales figures, so it is difficult to know how was the participation of the first wearable Apple.

Apple Watch
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But now it’s time to prepare for the second generation of the device, which have already emerged some data as the possible addition of a camera and a slimmer profile with a new curved screen; but now it is The Wall Street Journal who raises his hand to tell new features second – generation Apple Watch.

Mobile Connect and a new more powerful processor

Since its launch, the Apple Watch to harsh criticism he faced pointed to the limited independence of the device since the iPhone participation was essential to use the clock. Over time, Apple made adjustments on the fly, especially with the addition of native apps that benefited from the WiFi connection watch, but it was not enough.

Now, according to sources WSJ, the second generation of Apple Watch incorporates mobile connection which eliminates the dependence iPhone, plus developers can work on more powerful apps that take advantage of the profile and potential of the clock, and are not mere copies or adaptations of iPhone apps.

In wireless connection, it is interesting to see what components you choose Apple because it could make use of the famous eSIM, which begins to take relevance, plus it could incorporate LTE connection, which would be a blow to competition, as very few wearables devices offer this type of connection because most leaves over 3G.

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On the other hand, this Apple Watch 2 come with the renewal of the processor S1, S2 possible, it would be a logical move since it is something that Apple usually does updates to their devices. Such a processor would be more powerful and even allow some kind of multitasking on the clock, which together with the mobile connection would make it a true “smart watch” and not an addition to the iPhone.

Now an issue that is still on the table, as some reports point to an announcement during the keynote September, where the launch of the iPhone 7 also expected, but nothing is clear, because we could be looking at an advertisement, while the launch leave until March-April 2017.

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