Clarify your vision of what you want to do on your Bucket List.

You don’t have to reach middle age (approximately forty-five years old) to have a mid-life-crisis about what you want to do with your life and decide to write your own Bucket List!  Just in case you haven’t heard about this craze that is sweeping the Nation, a Bucket List is a personal target list of things you want to do, places you want to go or people you want to meet before you die.  Clarifying your vision about what you want to do with your life, whether it’s with a partner or on your own can be a very cathartic and life changing process to go through.  Maybe you’re not happy in the job or position you work in?  If you own your own business and it’s not growing as you had predicted, maybe you want to think about speaking to a Cheltenham Business Coach, such as ?  Perhaps, your relationship isn’t progressing as you would have hoped, or you’re living in a property or place you aren’t happy with? By sitting down and really thinking about what it is you want to achieve before you die and writing your own Bucket List you could ultimately change your life and give yourself just the incentive you need to be happier?

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Seriously give your own personal list a lot of thought and talk ideas through with family and friends.  Don’t rush into things, planning is essential and working out financial issues is a practical part of this process.  What things have you always wanted to do, what Countries have you always longed to visit, perhaps there are famous people you have wanted to meet for many years? If you are doing this alone, draw up your list and make sure it’s personal to you, or if this is a joint venture, a list that are dreams for you and your partner. Maybe the two of you have always wanted to move closer to the sea and own a little cottage within easy reach of the beach?

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You may have always dreamed of going to a particular country, Australia, Canada, Egypt, Venice, China maybe?  The Bucket List can be written and composed at any time in your life and at any age.  Don’t wait until your nearing retirement age to start, you may have already achieved some of the dreams, hopes and aspirations that would go onto your list, so write them down and tick them off.

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