Drain lining: what is the process?

What is Drain Lining?

Drain lining is a method of repairing damaged, leaking drains without the need for heavy excavation or costly replacement of pipes. Historically, repairing damaged drain pipes was a difficult and expensive process as drainage pipes are often buried under infrastructure, many metres below the ground surface. In contrast, drain lining utilises a no-dig technology to insert a new lining inside the existing pipe in order to fix leaking or open joints and cracks caused by blockages or root intrusion.

The process of drain lining involves an initial inspection of the drain pipes using CCTV survey technology. The pipes are then cleaned and cleared to ensure that all intrusions are removed and the pipe is clear from any debris. Following this, the pipe is inspected once more to make certain that the pipe is clean and clear, ready for the insertion of the new pipelining. The type of pipelining required and the method of installation will then be determined.

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There are two methods of installation. The first method, known as inversion, uses a resin evenly distributed onto the drain liner and inserted into the pipe via inflated airbags or water pressure. The second method is GFRP UV pipelining wherein cables and winches are used to pull the pipelining into the damaged pipe. Both methods are followed by a curing process to cure the pipelining to full hardness. A final inspection ensures that the pipe is now fully repaired.

Why Choose Drain Lining?

Damaged drains can cause many problems for property owners. Signs that indicate that your drains may need relining are bad odours, gurgling sounds, dampness on interior floors, an increase in rodent activity and a spike in your water bill. Left unchecked, leaking drains will pollute the surrounding soil, causing environmental damage and a health-risk to humans. The Citizens Advice Bureau states that the homeowner is responsible for maintaining any drains inside the boundaries of their property.

Therefore, if you suspect that any of the drains you are responsible for are damaged, it is essential that you select a professional firm to carry out the repairs on your behalf and for advice specific to drain lining Gloucester and the surrounding areas. Companies such as wilkinson-env.co.uk/sewer-repairs-drain-lining-concrete-cutting/drain-repairs/drain-repairs-gloucester are a source of further local information.

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In summary, drain lining is a cost-effective, eco-friendly and less invasive solution to damaged drain pipes on your property.

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