Five Popular Occupations in the Information Systems Industry

Are you considering pursuing your online master’s in information systems? If so, you probably want to learn about the various occupations open to you after you finish school. It’s best to have an idea of what you want to do before you graduate. Checkout five of the most popular occupations in the field of information systems.

A Systems Analyst

The work of a systems analyst is to examine and monitor a company’s computer network to determine what improvements can be made. How can the system be more efficient and work more smoothly for the company? A systems analyst develops products that can be solutions for companies that need an upgrade in their network. If you enjoy taking a close look at a computer network and how it operates, then a career as a systems analyst may be a favorable option for you.

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An Information Systems Manager

When a company or organization wants to put in new computer technology or upgrade what they have, an information systems manager helps make that happen. This professional analyzes the technological needs of a company and plans for its computer network. Also, this professional oversees the installation of the technology so that it works the way it should for employees. In short, this individual manages every step of the process of acquiring new technology. In addition, an information systems manager helps to maintain the new technology and provides suggestions for upgrades as needed.

A Computer Network Architect

This occupation is exactly what it sounds like. A computer network architect creates a system of computers that serves a company or business. This professional must be able to determine what size network a business needs as well as what features it should have. Analysis, planning and testing computer networks are all part of the process. Once the plan is made, a computer network architect oversees the installation of the system to ensure that it goes as planned.

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A Software Applications Developer

Professional designers will make or improve upon various types of computer applications software. If there are errors in the software, a software applications developer can correct them to make the product more effective for users. A company may hire a software applications developer to evaluate the software used in the business to determine if it’s efficient. If it isn’t, the developer will recommend another type of software that better suits the needs of the company. Testing and validating software applications are two other tasks of this professional.

A Database Administrator

One of the main tasks of a database administrator is to put security measures in place to protect sensitive information in a company, organization or business’ database. This is becoming a critical service for most companies due to the rise in cybertheft and fraud today. They may use the services of businesses like to provide AML ID Check as bolt on plugins to sites. This individual also performs tests on a database to make sure it is operating as it should. If any changes are needed, this professional will have recommendations for the owner of the company or organization.

Lastly, these are just a sampling of occupations within the field of information systems. One of the best things about getting into this field is there are many exciting career options to choose from.


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