Some of the Most Epic Films Ever Made

Some of the most epic films ever made include Ben-Hur (1959), which involved 7,000 extras and took five weeks to film. Few historical epics have achieved such epic proportions. And while the epic film may be known for its spectacle of chariot races, this William Wyler classic is much more than a spectacle. The film relates a human story about a man who loses everything in war and must learn to live with the consequences.

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During the 1950s and 1960s, Hollywood began to focus on big-budget road-show epics. The film Ben Hur was so epic that it was deemed to be one of the most expensive movies of all time.

There are two basic types of epic films: biographical and historical. Biographical films, however, are less extravagant. They are typically more realistic, but the same qualities apply to them. They are often very expensive and feature an ensemble cast. They also tend to feature sweeping action scenes. Some of the most epic films ever made are listed below. So, what are the main characteristics of epic films?

Spartacus (1960) starring Laurence Olivier and Kirk Douglas is the ultimate sword-and-sandal classic. There are many more examples of epic films in history. All of them are worthy of viewing with many worth seeing more than once. This list is not exhaustive. Just a few examples will give you some ideas. Get the most from your viewing and consider TV aerial installation Gloucester at a site like

There Will Be Blood (2007) explores the themes of obsession and greed in the Western genre. It depicts the end of the ranching life in Southern California at the turn of the twentieth century and the dawn of Industrialism. The epic film also features Daniel Day-Lewis in one of the most iconic performances of his career. The Last Emperor is another classic for fans of the genre.

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In addition to focusing on the destinies of individuals, these epics also depict historical events. Many of them intertwine the fate of political regimes, dynasties, and religions. Other epics feature ordinary people and powerful characters.

Lawrence of Arabia (1962) starring Peter O’Toole and Alec Guinness is another must-see for fans of big cinematic movies. It is based on the life of TE Lawrence and the book that he wrote about his experiences called Seven Pillars of Wisdom. Anyone who hasn’t seen Gone With The Wind (1939) is also in for a treat.


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