What are sewer pipes made from

If you’re putting in a new sewer pipe, it helps to know the different options that are available. Sewer pipes can be made from different materials and all have their various pros and cons. You will need to determine which will work best for your budget and space. Modern homes tend to use plastic pipes but older homes will often have cast-iron or copper pipes.

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Cast iron pipes

This is a strong and useful material that is ideal for pipes because it’s very resistant to bursting and cracking. It can withstand a huge degree of pressure, but it can rust. Where this happens, the pipes are often replaced with PVC. It’s easy to arrange plastic sewer pipe lining Wolverhampton or elsewhere for these types of replacement and upgrade tasks.

Clay pipes

These have been used for centuries and are still popular today because clay is very strong and resistant to degradation. These pipes are also heavy and, therefore, resistant to underground shifting. However, they can be damaged by tree roots so it’s important not to use them near deep-rooted trees. It’s best to contact an expert for an assessment if you are unsure.

Orangeburg pipes

These were common after the second world war, but although the material wasn’t corrosive, it tended to collapse after about fifty years as it was made from wood pulp. It’s rare to find these types of pipes now but they always need replacing where they are present. The teams at firms such as Wilkinson Environmental occasionally come across them under period properties.

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There are PVC and ABS pipes which are inexpensive, modern materials. They tend not to leak and have smooth interiors so that the water can flow easily. Plastic can be installed easily and also joined to existing cast iron or clay pipes, so you can replace sections of a sewer rather than the entire system.

The best way to decide which type of pipe to choose for your sewer is to consult an expert who can assess your property, the surroundings and the existing system. It can be a complex process to assess existing drainage and to understand the best solution and layout to meet modern standards and to meet the needs of the household. But with modern systems and professional installation, a good quality sewerage system should last the test of time.

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