Digitizing what we write in real time is the promise of the new kit Moleskine


It is a common practice, each event or interview there is always someone taking notes with pen (or pencil) and paper, comfort and advantages it offers could not be matched by digital options. Yes, we can write in our smartphone or tablet with a stylus, but the experience of having notes, sketches, notes or anything else within reach easily, is the great advantage of a notebook, however, there are times that we would have all those notes digitally to share power or work them further, and this is precisely the new proposal for Moleskine.

This is not something new, for several years we have seen have emerged options that we provide digitizing all the content that we capture in a notebook, but the reality is that their performance has left much to be desired, and which are either slow or just do not transmit the complete and correct way information. Thus Moleskine has to work announced an interesting solution for those who seek to digitize notes.

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Uniting the analog and digital worlds

Moleskine has earned its reputation for the excellent quality of its books, which are present in a wide range of options and all kinds of tasks and areas, but in recent years have wanted to give the jump to digital, with attractive options but with malfunctions, such as the case of Live scribe options, Adobe, as well as collaborations with Evernote.

This time Moleskine is almost alone, with the help of Neolab who provides much of the technology, but ultimately it is marketed under the brand Moleskine. The new Smart Writing in September is a writing kit consisting of a booklet of paper (or paper tablet as the company calls it), aluminum pen named Pen + and a mobile application.

With these three components we can scan in real time to a smartphone, tablet or computer, everything you write in the book by the Pen +. The operation is based on a camera and a tracking sensor incorporated into Pen +, the camera captures the strokes in real time and transmits it via Bluetooth, while the sensor is used to detect the location on the page, and to know if we are starting a new.

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Everything you type in the book will be available in the app Neolab, where we can share and edit, because the attractive part is that it is able to recognize whether it is text or drawings, so you can edit later either in PDF, applications like Notes on iOS, and soon in an app that will be released for Android.

Something curious is that if we share what we’re writing at the moment, each page of the book contains a small envelope in the upper right corner, which will serve as a button that will activate the sharing and from there we can save in Evernote, Google Drive, or mail or share on social networks.

Another feature that is very attractive in this device is the option of working without data, for when we have no connection, or simply cannot use your smartphone or tablet, Pen + is able to store the contents of up to 1000 pages mode analog, which will be scanned when we return to connect via Bluetooth to a compatible device.

Another advantage is that the Pen + has a range of up to 30 days with a recharge of only 30 minutes, plus it once we finish ink, we can change it for any common spare pen. Of course Moleskine sells it as the ultimate choice for digitizing notes, but we have to try it to see if it is true all it promises us. The Smart Writing in September is priced at $199, and each additional book will be sold at $30.

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