GoPro withdraws its Karma drone for problems that cause it to lose energy in mid-flight


2016 was not the year for GoPro… A few days ago we were witnessing a terrible financial results, which caused the company had to suspend its operations in the bag after a fall of almost 23%, bringing accumulated 34% in all so far this year. However, Nick Woodman, CEO of the company, was optimistic and mentioned that the launch of its new products would make GoPro return to the path of profitability in 2017. Today we believe that this is not going to be so.

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A few moments ago, GoPro just issue a brief statement where they ask for the immediate withdrawal (recall) of all Karma drones, as they have encountered a problem that causes that in certain circumstances the drone lose energy in midair and fall without control, A failure that according to GoPro affects very few units.

The nightmare continues for GoPro

GoPro has picked a perfect time to recall, as everyone is aware of the presidential elections and that makes this news can pass somewhat unnoticed and thus reduce the negative impact on the image of the company.

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Surely this is a heavy blow for the company, because Karma was the bet that thought overcome the negative figures of the year and start 2017 with a new impetus. Something that will not happen because GoPro looking withdraw about 2,500 drones, i.e. all those who have sold so far.

The recall currently affects the United States and both the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) are endorsing the recall. Current users of a drone Karma has to approach either directly to GoPro or Best Buy to receive a full refund of the drone, because so far there is no change for another product.

Besides this, Karma will be removed from the stores, both physical and online, and no information on when it might return to the market, since GoPro mentions that will be investigating what is what has happened to remedy it as soon as possible and go back on sale.

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