Huawei do less bad reality of current batteries in fast charging speeds

Huawei fast charging

Those who know me know how much that bothers me the reality of today’s batteries mounted mobile devices, and is that I do not lie to me with that, “but he has quick charge”. In these times where all companies spend money and effort to “innovate” with flexible displays, processors move into what has not been invented, continue settling for fast charging is up worrying more if we think the topic autonomy today is not a problem only of Apple, very few terminals spend a normal day without having to connect it at night, and these days it already seems a shame to companies every time they can say publicly that “innovate “with their products.

Huawei fast charging
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Within the poor autonomy we have in mobile devices today, we have to settle this quick charge, a kind of painkiller for a disease untreated, but it helps to live everyday with a little more dignity, which takes us out of trouble if 15hrs a busy day and see the red lines in the battery indicator.

Samsung was one of the pioneers in taking advantage of this type of load and from the Galaxy Note 4 which its main devices already have this feature, but they are not, nor Qualcomm, Mediatek and those who give to talk today with this technology.

The protagonist this time is Huawei. The Chinese brand has managed to shape a battery that would take five minutes to load halfway. 300 second for the 48% nothing more, nothing less. Those are amazing figures of Huawei fast charging.

“Huawei has developed two prototypes: one of 3000 mAh and a 600 mAh, which is enough 5 minutes to recharge to 78%”

Huawei fast charging is based on a composite of lithium ion battery anodes coated graphite. An ‘ingredient’ that facilitates beat these marks. So the interesting thing is nothing but the prototype has 3000 mAh, a figure close to what we usually offer most brands of the company.

However, Huawei fast charging could also be designed for wearables has since created a model of 600 mAh charging almost 80% in five minutes. We must wait to confirm when coming to market this technology, for which a special charger is required. Qualcomm, meanwhile, has promised that its technology in 2016 will be able to charge 80% of our smartphone batteries in just over half an hour.

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See if the day to stop talking fast charge arrive and we can talk about extended-range, these USD $ 750 or $ 800 that people in high-end devices are spent will serve to have a terminal that allows them to have two days having to go with the charger in tow, it is time to truly innovate, you get out of having screens 4K cameras with sensors luxury, 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, where a busy day could reach 6 pm and you have no battery at all and your journey still has five hours.

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