LG gets into ground GoPro Action Camera LTE retransmitted on YouTube thanks to 4G connectivity


Action cameras, it seemed they were going to explode in the market, but exploded in the hands of GoPro, you are looking for other businesses to continue to grow, since the cameras seems that things have stabilized enough. This does not detract strong interest to other companies in the world of consumer electronics to make their first steps on the ground, we have seen with Sony and Panasonic, and now is LG which is introduced.

The gadget with which are released by the name of LG LTE Action Camera, and as one would expect from such a powerful company as the Korean technology, the product is packed with good specifications. It is also accompanied by a very attractive design.

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A YouTube directly from the camera

The main action of this camera, which makes it different, we see it in its own name: LTE. LG has decided to place this type of connectivity from the competition, allowing them to make live broadcasts.

The camera is ready to send what you record directly to YouTube, by setting a good example of the possibilities. You can do quality 1080p for a couple of hours. Obviously there are different recording modes outside the ‘broadcasting’

  • 4K at 30 frames per second
  • Full HD up to 120 images per second
  • HD at 60 frames per second

Topping the specifications say that the camera is 12.3 megapixels and has a wide angle of 150 degrees. The battery is blunt to the light weight of the equipment, are 95 grams and 1.400mAh.

The chipset that governs all this is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 (MSM8956), well accompanied by 2GB of RAM and 4GB internal. To expand we have to use microSD cards (up to 2TB). There is other connectivity in the camera: Wi-Fi 802.11 b, g, n / Type-C USB 2.0 / Bluetooth 4.1.

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As there would be less your body is designed to resist water (IP67), but with an important caveat, here there is no case to be made, directly LTE Action Cam is the one that holds. Comment that the external finish is like rubber, which makes little slippery and can better withstand the blows.

Although there are a couple of buttons on its surface – one for YouTube Live – LG is the idea that we can use one mobile application with which get all the juice to their abilities. As you can see from the pictures, there is no screen on the camera, so again the phone seems to us essential to use.

So far no information on pricing and availability, what does seem clear is that LG has created a tough competitor for GoPro and company. We hope soon to have more information on this, their accessories – vital part in an Action Cam – and share some sample videos.

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