Monitors 43-inch 4K resolution? Yes, Dell has one fresh from the oven

Dell P4317Q

Giant monitors that seem TVs, is not easy to find but there are. In fact, those who create the panels are the same, and the technology used is almost the same, but there are important differences that make some models can be considered as monitors 100%: calibration and connection ports may be two causes of weight to be taken into account.

Dell P4317Q
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Dell is one of the fat in this business to make monitors, although mainly strip panel made by LG and other major firms, it is one of the leading singer when brand new voice technology on the market. Its large sales volume and good products allows them to be there, walk to the canyon. A good example of things to try is this P4317Q, a giant monitor.

As giant as a TV for the living room, they say their 42.5 – inch diagonal. Fortunately this product is within the P (Professional) series of the house, and ensures very good specifications to take advantage of the screen size. The first thing, resolution: 3840 x 2160 pixels, what they call ‘4K’ UHD.

In its exterior there are no details that advance us is mastication actually has all the earmarks of a professional monitor family, with its central standing and lines similar frames and rear. The Dell plays with very attractive two-tone between black matt and silver.

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Being more specific to the chosen panel, say that we have one IPS – art, courtesy of the Korean LG. The actual size is 42.51 inches, so the pixel density at 104 PPI we will not look like much, but in this size and a correct distance is a big pileup to work they need plenty of work space, as video editing.

Site for four different sources

Dell sells it as a ‘Multi-Client monitor; the reason is inputs that allow you to place up to four sources simultaneously, thanks to PiP and different display modes. There are two DisplayPort 1.2 ports, a 1.2 miniDisplayPort, a pair of HDMI 1.4 connections (MHL), a VGA, 4 USB 3.0 ports, audio input and output 3.5 mm, and an RS232 port. The speakers included in the framework are 8W.

Ending with typical parameters say that the response time is 8 ms (gray to gray), contrast is 1000:1, and works with 10-bit color (8-bit + FRC). For those who are curious about the finish on the front, saying that is slightly ‘glossy’, with an average anti-glare treatment.

How much does the toy? Well Dell has in its web at a price of US $1350. Looking a little market we see brands such as Philips – BDM4350UC model – playing in the same league, but on paper they do not have such a prestigious panel, and that they also pull LG.

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