Panaray legendary 802 and 402 with the new Series IV

Bose Speakers

Bose Professional, the division of products for professional use of American audio company Bose Corporation reports on the update of the popular speaker sound reinforcement Panaray 802 and Panaray 402, which from now on will be known as models Panaray Series IV. The Panaray family consists of small format speakers for installations that require broad coverage and an average sound pressure level (SPL). They are used in small to medium venues such as houses of worship, auditoriums, gymnasiums, restaurants, hotels, schools, theme parks, both indoors and outdoors.

Bose Speakers
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Since its inception, 25 years ago, the 802 and 402 speakers Panaray have achieved huge fame among integrators, design consultants and installers of audiovisual systems. Renewed models Series IV Panaray continue this tradition, to preserve the functions and deliver the same performance of their predecessors. The two models of this new series have been updated with new installation options for easy and flexible further their mounting options. These modifications make them ideal for installation applications em both indoors and outdoors.

All speakers installed sound reinforcement of the line Bose Professional Panaray arrangements have full-range transducers, eliminating the need for tweeters and crossovers in order to obtain unsurpassed reliability and clarity of natural voice. In addition, you can reduce the number of speakers required for many types of installations thanks to Bose Articulated Array design, in which the transducers are placed with precision, at certain angles, to provide a more comprehensive and balanced coverage.

Renewed Panaray Series IV

The small and lightweight speaker Panaray 802 Series IV has a Articulated Array with an amplitude of 120° V x 100° F, while the low frequency response of 52 Hz eliminates the need for subwoofers, making it in a solution profitable for many sound reinforcement applications indoor and outdoor installation. This new model incorporates threaded inserts lateral support and an optional form of “U” for the installation is simple, quick and inexpensive. The Panaray 802 Series IV comes in black finish color, with dimensions of 338 x 520 x 335 mm and weight of 13.6 kg.

Meanwhile, the 402 Series IV speaker Panaray is smaller and has the Bose Articulated Array design with a range of 120° V x 60° H, while the low frequency response of 73 Hz covers the full vocal range to provide a solution installed sound reinforcement even more profitable. Integra new rear threaded inserts with industry standard mounting brackets to support optional vertical and horizontal rotation to increase the flexibility of indoor or outdoor installation. The Panaray 402 Series IV is available in white or black, with dimensions of 592 x 206 x 202 mm and weight of 7.3 kg.

The other models in the line Bose speakers Panaray like Panaray 502A, the Panaray MA12 and Panaray MA12EX, remain unchanged.

The Series IV speaker Panaray 802 is available now through distributors and integrators Bose Professional, while the Panaray 402 Series IV will be launched early next 2016.

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