Robotic tank laser is the most violent solution to kill mosquitoes


Leaving aside for a moment the issue of Zika and diseases that can be transmitted by a mosquito, there are regions in the world where mosquitoes become a nightmare to try to be doing outdoor activities, but the worst comes at bedtime where the buzz becomes a torment when we tried to rest.

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Therefore there are a lot of products on the market aimed at ending the life of mosquitoes towards our comfort, something that may not sound very fair. But today the battle between mosquitoes and humans has gone too far, and that a Chinese company has just announced the most extreme (and strange) tool to finish them: a robotic tank equipped with laser.

The mosquito robot murderer!

A few days ago during the MSPO fair in Kielce, Poland, a showcase for military defense systems, armored vehicles, anti – aircraft guns, and other weapons, a curious thing happened because of all the arms race stands was a small Chinese company who also showed their commitment to arms, but this time was to wage war against mosquitoes.

Intelligent LeiShen company based in Shenzhen was presenting the christened ‘Mosquito Killer Robot Movable Laser’, yes, a tank – shaped robot designed to kill mosquitoes by laser.

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The device has a very similar to what is used in the cleaning robots, which integrates a land unmanned vehicle (UGV) which at the top has 2D LIDAR sensor a laser module to end the mosquitoes automatically and autonomously. According to its creator, the system has been programmed with algorithms that allow you toidentify mosquitoes between objects, so make shots immediately and with a capacity to “kill 30 to 40 mosquitoes in a second,” something that I honestly do not understand how it’s possible.

An important point and that the company did not say, is the type of laser used in this device, since only limited to mention that it is “safe for human sight.” Their leaders do not yet have plans to launch this murderer mosquito, since the aim at the moment is to present the idea to hospitals, schools and public buildings which are suffering from Zika and Malaria.

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