Do you want to broadcast your games from your computer or console? Check out Razer Ripsaw

Razer Ripsaw

Razer is very active in recent weeks, always related to the world of gaming products units external graphics, laptops for gamers, or new mechanical keyboards. The last of the Irvine Company is a gadget to capture our games and broadcast them live: Razer Ripsaw.

In the not too distant past, capture video and share our game was something of a privileged few, now we can say that is an option in the current platforms with specialized services like Twitch or YouTube. There are companies like Razer who consider doing things in terms need dedicated hardware, and that is the reason of its new gadget.

Ripsaw comes to send your games to twitch or youtube without drops in the frame rate or reductions in the resolution. We can add sound…

Razer Ripsaw is not the first to do these things, but if out among many devices that are or will be coming to the market to make broadcasting easier and have more quality. We guarantee a video format 1080p at 60 frames per second.

Razer Ripsaw
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With Ripsaw we can retransmit content from a computer, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Wii U, to name the most important names.

At the end is a box that captures video, with ports, so we can work with any compatible source. The main connection is via a port USB 3.0, there is also an HDMI port and a component input.

We put micro and comment on the move

Very interesting is the possibility of adding an auxiliary sound, it has a front port that we can get the sound, and a microphone jack. It is a necessary choice if we want to talk about what is happening in the game, or that we are retransmitting.

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Its operation is very simple, it is placed between the console / PC and the TV / monitor. We can use software like Open Broadcaster relay and XSplit. Fortunately Package includes all necessary cables: USB 3.0, HDMI, and audio components.

As for the computer requirements, commenting that works with Windows 10, you need the aforementioned USB 3.0 port, we have a Core i5-4440 processor Inter or higher, and at least one graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 (GTX870M in the case of laptops). RAM must be at least 4GB, but better if twice that amount.

How they ask us for Ripsaw? In the US it will cost $ 180. Razer is not characterized by their products are affordable, it is also true that print quality solutions, and in this case it does not seem a crazy price. Now, to work to be the next PewDiePie.

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