For PS4 Sony’s competitor is the PC, not Xbox One

Sony PS4

If anything has become clear over the past PlayStation Meeting it is thatPS4 Pro is Sony’s answer to Microsoft Project Scorpio. But what has caught us a little misplaced is the strategy of the company ahead of its competitive approach: according to statements of the management of the brand Andrew House in the middle The Guardian, this suggests that the new console want to be measured directly PCs.

According to House, the main objective behind the new model PS4 and the launch of the PS4 Pro is to increase by 20 million units the number of consoles sold facing the end of 2017, avoiding a migration of players to desktop systems in looking for a cutting edge technical results.

Sony PS4
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I have seen several data that have especially caught my attention. The trend is that there is a point at which during the middle of the life cycle of the consoles where players seeking a better graphics experience begin to migrate to the PC, as this is where you could get. We want to keep those people within our ecosystem, giving them the best and highest [quality performance]. Thus, there arises the idea of PlayStation 4 Pro – and generally offer a much better graphics.

PS4 Pro is not an inter-generational with respect to the first PS4 jump, but offers a number of improvements among which twice GPU with respect to the original, allowing us to offer 4K rescaled in most games as well as general improvements if you do not have a TV in Ultra High definition.

Our declared goal is to add 20 million units sold by the end of next year. At that time we are aware of where in the life cycle of the console we are, but I think the PS4 Pro can be something new, innovative and possibly leading us in a slightly different direction

In the interview, House has indicated that when they started working on PlayStation Pro had no knowledge of Microsoft’s plans around Project Scorpio, the next Xbox system whose power would be supported by six teraflops of GPU, however stresses that no it has been considered to Xbox competence.

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The PC, Xbox system that was already present and now it is much more

At this point it is difficult not to consider gradually that the Xbox brand and desktop systems are part of organized convergence of Microsoft thanks to the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), offering a combined store and supported by programs such as Play Anywhere or remote game.

The arrival of licenses until now have been exclusive to consoles to PCs through the unified store is part of Microsoft plan offering the possibility of combining the user communities of both systems. To this must be added that currently the Xbox One S has achieved excellent business results during their month of release.

For now it remains in the air Microsoft’s proposal with Scorpio, although it is confirmed that the new desktop family will share the Xbox catalog with earlier versions. However, gradually functionality are intertwined consoles and computers of the Redmond company, and either through Cortana as the promised implementation of mouse and keyboard console.

For the moment, the new Sony consoles hit the market yet, it is difficult to see how will the commercial development of these new consoles against Sony’s plans ahead of the end of 2017. However, it is not unreasonable to assume sure that the arrival of PS4 Pro will be a good boost to sales figures PS4, whether or not it can compete technically with PC.

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