HTC would ally with HP to create the first brand Vive virtual reality computer

HTC would ally with HP

Not the same HTC hoped his bet on virtual reality exploded as it is currently doing, this after glasses HTC lives are already considered the best virtual experience to date, this has meant that HTC is giving a full turn the company to protect this business, while driving along with attractive incentives for developers.

HTC has realized that it has to take care of the new goose that lays golden eggs, and this entails strategies and alliances that make the brand ‘Vive’ reach new sectors and expanded the experience of virtual reality. Today there has been a rumor that suggests that HTC is closing a partnership agreement with HP, which would give life to the first computer to bring the brand ‘Vive’.

HTC would ally with HP
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Giving strength to the brand ‘Vive’

The information originates from the production of HP, which mentions that are making computer gamers who have a ‘re-branding’ under the brand ‘Live’, which used to sell kits of virtual reality include glasses HTC Vive and compatible computer ready to live the virtual experience smoothly.

Unlike Oculus who instead of making computers certifies labeled ‘Oculus Ready’, HTC seeks to expand the reach of their brand of virtual reality through complete packages because the option Oculus provides only the computer, and the glasses have to buy them separately.

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Interestingly HP does not own any computer with certification ‘Oculus Ready’, this gives you the freedom to work with HTC without any conflict of interest, plus HP has worked on solutions for gamers as the ‘Omen’ range, which even has one backpack-computer virtual reality, or the same HP ENVY Phoenix, a beast that even in their advertising speaks of compatibility with HTC Vive.

It is not known if this is a new computer or ENVY Phoenix is the change the image to be a possible ‘lives by HP’, which is a reality is that HTC is wagered so important in this business and do not plan to let it go. Now we just need confirmation by the companies, which should happen in the coming weeks.

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