Mount a gaming PC with Ryzen 7 for less than 1000 dollars

Gaming PC

The arrival of the Ryzen7 processorsto the market has not left anyone indifferent.The possibility of having a viable alternative to the Intel processors has fallen well and you have asked us to make specific component purchasingguidestoassemble a PC Gaming with Ryzen.Well, let’s start …

Buying guide for a Ryzen gaming PC for less than 1000 dollars

If your bet tomount a new PC younow go to use some of the new Ryzen 7 processor, you have already seen throughour analysisthat you would have a long-distance team using the AM4 chipset, and great performance in tasks where a Large numbers of cores are really important, without fiddling at anything in games, although not at the level of the best Intel chips.

Gaming PC
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The base of ourPC Gaming with Ryzenwill be composed by an AM4 motherboard, the Ryzen 7 series processor, DDR4 RAM tested for Ryzen, a balanced SSD as well as graphics card with clear focus on the game.

In this first budget in which we want to mount a Ryzen PC as cheaply as possible, the logical choice of the processor will be the Ryzen 7 1700, the most affordable model of the new processors, with reduced working frequencies but with8 cores, 16 threads And multiplier unlocked, and that seems a very interesting solution for its price of350 dollars.It is also the only model that comes with a standard heatsink, which a priori should be enough if we do not pretend to experience much overclocking.

The next thing we need to budget is the motherboard.As we again want to adjust the maximum investment, we chose the most basic range:B350chipset.That type of boards offer M.2 slot, enough USB 3.1 ports and also overclocking.You will not be able to install more than one graphic but it will not be the habitual one.

Gaming PC
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That this AM4 arrives with high aspirations of making a hole in the market demonstrates the variety of options in all ranges of motherboards for AM4.In this basic, we could opt for the ASUS B350 for only105 dollars.Somewhat moreexpensiveare the MSI B350 TOMAHAWK for129 dollarsor the Gigabyte GA-AB350 for125 dollarsand it has support for DDR4 memories up to 3200 MHz.

As for the storage unit, it could be a Samsung SSD M.2 850 EVO of 256 GB for107 dollars, or the Crucial MX300 of the same capacity foronly 91 dollars.The choice of anM.2 SSDis simply for convenience and can eliminate items scattered around the box.

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Here, depending on our budget, it is advisable to improve as much as we can the capacity of the SSD as both games and multimedia material takes up a lot.We could upload up to 525 GB for150 dollarschoosing a Crucial.

Gaming PC
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Adjusting the budget on the motherboard will limit other components such as the maximum frequency of RAM, available USB ports, possibility to include more than one graphic or gaming touches such as LED lights

The fourth key and more specific component isRAM.It will be DDR4, since Ryzen releases support for this type of memory (although only in dual channel), and high frequency operation.Here you should pay attention to the maximum memory frequency that will support the motherboard that you have chosen, because even if you want to have a 3200 MHz, for example, if the board does not support it you will be throwing the money.

If you bet on a contained frequency, the choice could be a 2×8 GB G-Skill at 2600 Mhz which stays at132 dollars.For a little more, [146 dollars] (Corsair Vengeance LPX), we could mount two 8GB modules of the Corsair Vengeance LPX at3200 MHz.

Gaming PC
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The last element that requires a major investment is the graphics card.Here, both for value for money and optimization, our choice would be an AMD card.The Radeon RX 480 model with 4 GB of GDDR5 memory is left at262 dollars, but we could push the budget more by choosing a RX 470 for195 dollarsor if we prefer NVidia, the GTX 1050 Ti forless than 160 dollars.In all cases, they are more than enough to play 1080p fluently and even at 1440p in some titles.

Processor Ryzen 7 1700 354 dollars
Motherboard ASUS B305 105 dollars
RAM 16 GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 146 dollars
SSD Crucial MX300 91 dollars
Graphic card Radeon RX 480 262 dollars
TOTAL 958 dollars

That budget is below 1000 dollars if we already have a casing and power supply, and also has to maintain the standard heatsink that comes with 1700 processors. Otherwise we will have to pay something more, but even adding these elements or a disk Classic to increase capacity, we can assemble acomplete gaming PC with Ryzen for less than 1200 dollars.

If you want a gaming PC and for multimedia editing and 3D creation with Ryzen 7 but of the highest level?Well wait a few days and we will propose several configurations that will serve you perfectly.

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