Project Valerie: An amazing 4K triple screen laptop that faces too many challenges

Project Valerie

Razer engineers have already given us interesting surprises in recent times with their products oriented to the gaming segment, but in this CES 2017 we have come across a design concept that we still cannot buy but that is amazing: Project Valerie.

This project delights us with a laptop with triple screen. And are not any screens, but three 17.3-inch screens with 4K resolution that offer a desktop with an incredible resolution of 11520 x 2160 pixels. The idea seems fantastic, but that does not prevent that there is no doubt about it.

Project Valerie
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Three screens at your disposal wherever you go

The equipment has a system of drop-down screens that are placed and align perfectly with the central screen and in a matter of seconds we will offer that ultra-bright desktop with three screens with IGZO technology and G-Sync support.

The design of the keyboard is also unique, and that diagonal of 17.3 inches allows the touchpad to be to the right of the keyboard (no keypad, yes) and not under it, as is customary.

That triple screen logically makes the computer quite thick, but interestingly in Razer have managed that that thickness does not surpass the conventional notebooks of gaming with that diagonal of screen.

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Can Razer solve all the problems and challenges of a laptop like this?

Inside this singular laptop we find an Nvidia GTX 1080 that will be responsible for moving all those experiences and games in that resolution. Those who have been able to test a prototype of the product saw a demo of a game run smoothly at 4K and 60 Hz with Ultra quality, but a problem arose: the temperature generated was remarkable.

That made the fans of the equipment begin to run at full power. It seems clear that Razer will have to work hard at improving the cooling in the final product and that might not be the only problem of the equipment.

Project Valerie
Image Source: Google Image

There is also the fact that the weight of a computer like this will probably be high, and that also conditions the operation of that hinged design for the external screens. Being able to use the laptop in a normal way and then take advantage of one or both of the external screens when you want it requires a hinged system and really advanced docking, and will have to see if Razer can meet those expectations.

The power needed to move games in that mind bending 12K resolution is also another challenge Razer must overcome. Although there are options such as using a Razer Core and external graphics to help in this respect, Razer engineers indicated that for the time being both products are not compatible with each other.

Without forgetting that the battery of a team like this will be exhausted much faster – apparently it has the same battery as the Razer Blade Pro – or the other fundamental factor: how much will this wonder cost?

Considering that the 17-inch Razer Blade Pro with a GTX 1080 costs about $3700, this model is likely to approach $4500. It will be necessary to see if one of the most ambitious products of this CES comes to be realized … and at what price.

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