The new Google Glass are to be seen in all its splendor thanks to the FCC

Google Glass

After several changes in strategy and even rumors of a possible abandonment of the project for several months have been emerging clues that glasses Google are not dead and are already preparing the ground for a comeback with everything and Tony Fadell (the father of the iPod) to lead the project, which is now known as Project Aura and is part of Alphabet.

Google Glass
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Today has uncovered new information and even pictures that point to the rumored renewal of Google Glass, this thanks to public documents that can be found in the web of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that make mention of glasses ‘Enterprise Edition’ which are an interesting update on the Explorer model.

At the moment only for enterprise environments

According to FCC documents, these glasses ‘Enterprise Edition’ have an update both hardware and design, which now has a hinge to fold the prism, one of the most requested features in the model Explorer.

For the part of the internal components, we find an Intel Atom processor with improved heat management, an update on connectivity, this thanks to support for the 5 GHz for WiFi, which serve for the transmission of video, is added between applications. We are also incorporating a longer battery life, plus a new external battery kit, which will give life to the glasses via the new magnetic mechanism incorporated into the device.

The glasses now have a more robust and stylish design, it is presumed that they are also more durable, but certainly the most important points are: an increase in the size of the prism which is now resistant to shock and incorporates a front light that active when using the camera as well as a new certification that will waterproof and dust.

As mentioned, these Google Glass ‘Enterprise Edition’ will be focused on work environments for startups Glass for Work program, so at this point is unlikely to be offered for sale to the general public. So far it is unknown when will the official announcement from Google, but there are already rumors that several companies have begun to receive these glasses. What is a fact is that there is no evidence yet of a model focused on overall consumption, so we’ll have to keep waiting.

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