Logitech MX Ergo is the demonstration that mouse with trackball continue to make sense

The mouse is the owner of our desks, but not long ago a very attractive alternative emerged : the trackball allowed access to those same features at the stroke of the thumb, without having to move your hand from one side to the other.

That concept ended up merging with the conventional mouse to create trackball mice that could operate in both formats, and now Logitech resurrects that format with the MX Ergo, a product that also comes with an interesting option: adjustment of its inclination.

A ball to control it (almost) everything

In 2010 Logitech launched the M570, the last of the trackball mice that seemed to put a big point and separate in this technology. The mouse was and still is the quintessential peripheral to work with a PC or laptop (with the permission of the trackpad / touchpad) on a table, and it did not seem that the trackball ball feature could have easy to return.

However in Logitech they wanted to recover the idea with the MX Ergo, which shares some features with the MX Master S2 in terms of its configurable buttons or the Flow characteristic support to control different computers.

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In this trackball mouse, however, we have special settings to customize its behavior. The first one is a precision button that allows you to adjust how much the cursor moves each time you move the ball, which allows the displacement to adjust to our needs.

Inclining it to your liking

The second, even more interesting, is the tilt control, which also fine tunes the ergonomics of the MX Ergo to tilt (or “tilt”) the device up to 20°.

The MX Ergo is also a wireless device that can be connected to our equipment through Bluetooth or the traditional Unifying receiver in Logitech peripherals.

With a single recharge, it lasts up to 4 months of activity, and interestingly, Logitech is still betting on the Micro-USB port for charging instead of the USB-C. The MX Ergo available for 109 dollars.

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