Speedo Shine 2 from Misfit, a swimming quantifier that makes water

Speedo Shine 2

Misfit already came stomping with its first device, Shine, in terms of its design: we went from the typical bracelet with a small screen to an original design, much more careful and oriented to fashion.Now withSpeedo Shine 2, Misfit also bet for water sports as a way to differentiate, have you gone well the play?

Speedo Shine 2
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Technical characteristics and design of Speedo Shine 2 swimmer’s edition

DIMENSIONS 30.5 mm in diameter and 8 mm thick
WEIGHT 9.4 grams device (20 grams including bracelet)
AUTONOMY Up to 6 months (use CR2032 battery)
SENSORS 3 Axis Accelerometer and Magnetometer
CONNECTIVITY Bluetooth 4.1

Speedo 2 Misfit Shine is a versatile quantifier with aninteresting designthat can look in different ways thanks to itsmodular design.On the one hand, we have what is properly the quantifier: a small disk 30.5 millimeters in diameter and 8 millimeters thick (rather thinner than the first version of the product) with 12 colored LEDs on one of its faces.The Speedo swimmer’s edition is available in an exclusive silver color with the Speedo logo engraved from behind.

On theother hand we havetwo different formats in which we can mount the device: a bracelet madeof rubber (in the Speedo version of the product we provide two bracelets, one in white and one in black) with a closure clip and a clip Round in which we can attach the device to carry it in the lapel, in the laces of the slippers, hooked in a pocket … and that is fastened by pressure.The change between the two supports is easy and fast.

Speedo Shine 2 works witha button battery (CR2032)that promises last about 6 months.When changing the battery, we can do it ourselves thanks to a tool that is also provided in the box.This gives us the advantage of not having to be charging every day or every two days, as with other similar devices.

It also hasan accelerometer and three -axis magnetometerto quantify our movements: account our steps, calculates calories burned and distance traveled, long we swam in the pool and hours and quality of sleep.

Thesphere with LEDs is tactile, and from it we have access to different information, such as the time (the LED remains still corresponds to the time while the flashing corresponds to minutes) or our progress on steps (We are shown a kind of percentage through the number of LEDs illuminated in the sphere.

The information you provide at a glance is very limited, since it does not have a screen, but we do itall handlingfrom the free app, available foriOSandAndroid.

Speedo Shine 2 connects to your mobile phone via aBluetooth 4.1 connection, automatically synchronized with the application.In addition, also it has avibration systemthat we can use to receive notification of calls and messages (SMS, no WhatsApp) for the alarm function or to warn us that we havelong without moving.

Obviously, the bracelet is waterproof andsubmersible up to50 meters, so we can use smoothly in the pool.

Is Speedo Shine 2 a good quantifier for swimming?

When quantify swimming, which would be the special feature of this gadget, Imust say thatfalls far short in every aspect.The information you provide is scarce and, because we do not have a screen that offers us immediate information, we can only check it once we have finished our training.

To start quantifying our water training we must first make sure that the activity labeling is in “swim” mode and that the automatic spin count is enabled.Once this is done, we just have to take our Speedo Shine 2 on the wrist when we go swimming and, before you start,giving three taps on the screen to start timing activity(LEDs indicate if active with a dance of colored lights and a light that stays blinking afterwards, besides a slight vibration).When we finish swimming, we return three strokes to the sphere to stop the timing.

The information Speedo Shine 2 gives us about swimming is the number of longs, the distance traveled and the calories burned.

To synchronize with our phone Speedo Shine 2 will offer the app information about our training, but only takes acount long how many we have done, how far we have come(previously we have had to say which is the length of the pool) and How many calories we have burned.This information might be more interesting to have during our training session, and not only at the end, to know how long we are doing.

On the left, the activity summary of Misfit Shine 2 Speedo (meters, calories and long swims).To the right, activity summary of Moov, with breakdown of each length, number of strokes, second employees …

We have no other information that do give usother devices such as Moov: or number of strokes per length or style id with which we have swum, or effective swim time discounting laps at theend of each long, or length stroke …An information we have very short if you’re looking foris a quantifier swimming.

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What can we measure with Speedo Shine 2 swimmer’s edition?

Basically with this devicewe can measure the same as with the previous version, plus the amount of laps in the pool and the distance traveled therein.

Through the realm of Speedo Shine 2 we can see how ourprogress on movement during the day: we set the target, say 10,000 steps aday, and once we touch the ball with your finger the percentage of LEDs will light up Correspond to our progress, as if it were a pie chart.When we reach our daily goal we receive a vibration warning, and the LEDs start to glow in different colors.

This is much clearer in the app, where wefindthe graph of our progress in two ways: on theone hand in a pie chart similar to theone we have in the area of our device, and the other with a bar graph more Traditional, in which we can see our physical activity for hours.

The same goes forsleep, for which we also set a goal: we can see just the number of hours we have slept that night, or choose to view a chart with the different stages of sleep cycle (light sleep or Depth) broken down into bars.Thus, in addition to the amount of sleep, we can get an idea of ​​the quality of it.

As for the quantification of steps and sleep, comparing itwith other devices with those who’ve tried it(Moov, with a design very similar features, andSamsung Gear Fit 2),the count is quite accurate, step up, step down.

Speedo Shine 2automatically identifies when walking (light activity) or when running (vigorous activity)and estimated, according tothe elapsed time and distance traveled, calories burned.At this point, the Speedo Shine 2 and a lot less fine: taking itin a running session with a specific GPS watch for running (TomTom Runner Cardio), the estimate of Speedo Shine 2 was significantly higher in distance (2, 5 kilometers more) and calories (about 250 more).

We can alsoregister other activitiessuch as cycling, football, tennis or basketball: select this activity in labeling and begin timing.At the end of our training, we can see in the app the miles traveled and an estimate of the calories burned in our training.

In the app it allows us torecord manuallyour daily weight, our pulse (measured byfinger through the camera phone, and usually a fairly reliable measure compared with heart rate monitors wrist and chest band) andphotos of our food.We can also manually record our sleep and physical activity.

Speedo Shine 2 also cantake data from the native application health of our phoneto count calories movement and even if wedo not carry the bracelet on.

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