How to Position Your Computer Screen – The Correct Way

When working from home there are a number of things that you need to take into consideration and your desk setup is one of them. It is important that you have a suitable desk and you can find some great chairs from a Next day chairs company such as This will help to make the difference between protecting your back, neck and shoulders and building up more tension and stress in these areas.

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One other important factor is making sure that your computer screen is located in the right place. Your chair should be at a comfortable distance away from your desk so that you can rest your forearms on the desk and within easy reach of your keyboard. The screen needs to be positioned so that you can clearly see the text and you should not have to alter the angle of your chair.

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The screen should be at eye height and directly in front of you. If you sit at an angle to your screen you might find that you develop muscle strains in your neck and shoulder areas. If you find that the text is hard to read you can buy magnifying screens that you place over the computer screen as well as being able to increase the text.

Make sure that you have all your other items available to hand and within handy reach so that you don’t have to twist your body too much whilst you are seated.

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