Things to know about link building and SEO

Link building is a recognised way to boost SEO, but it requires commitment and skill to get the most from this strategy. Knowing how to link build correctly, in accordance with search engine policies, can mean the difference between soaring up the search listings or being penalised and failing.

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What is link building?

Link building involves increasing the number of hyperlinks from websites back to your site. Link building plays an important part in SEO, since search engines, like Google, use links to analyse how popular or credible a website is. This is then used to determine that sites ranking on search listings. For any website looking to climb the search rankings, engaging in link building can produce impressive results.

Quality over quantity

Inevitably, link building has been abused in the past, to help boost search rankings. Google has cottoned on to this quickly, and it can now recognise those sites that use cheating techniques to build irrelevant or unnatural links. In fact, those companies that engage in this activity can be heavily penalised.

If you want to build links that favour your SEO positively, it’s all about focusing on quality rather than quantity. According to SEO-Hacker, its better to have 100 good links than 10,000 bad ones.

Effective link building and SEO

Knowing how to link build effectively to boost your SEO requires a mix of skills. If you think link building is out of your range, it’s worth consulting experts, such as, who offer SEO in Dublin and elsewhere.

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The premise of great link building is to make sure you provide current, relevant, high quality content that other people will find of value. Guest blogging is one method to achieve this. By doing this, you increase your chances of getting referenced and linked back to in the content of other sites.

When you obtain high quality links from respected, authority sites, you’re onto a winner. Not only will search engines look upon you favourably, but you will gain valuable traffic to your site, which can increase your conversions and profit margins.

Although link building is vital for SEO, search engine algorithms change regularly, and those who want to capitalise on the benefits of using this strategy need to make sure they’re up to date with the rules that define good link building.

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