Top ways to promote your small business

Are you a budding entrepreneur with a small business idea, or a current business owner hoping to boost sales, increase your reach and get your name out there? Promoting your small business can be a minefield – with so many different marketing avenues available, choosing the most effective online and offline methods can be confusing. Here are our top ways to promote your small business.

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Focus on your brand

Building a brand that aligns with your values is key when it comes to customer retention and boosting your reach. Consider your customer first before building a solid brand identity. You can do this by focusing on consistent messaging, designing an eye-catching logo and online presence and considering the ‘voice’ you use when speaking to your target audience.

Without a brand identity, you’ll struggle to promote your small business successfully. For those looking for Gloucester business advisory services, a specialist agency such as can help you get started.

The power of social media

Chances are, your customers are using social media – regularly. Setting up a business profile across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and even TikTok will help get you noticed, as long as you’re consistent.

Create regular, engaging content that’s focused on your audience’s wants and needs. Design a content schedule or planner and remember that consistency is key, as you may have to post regularly for some time before you’ll notice results. It’s also worth investigating paid ads across your social media profiles, as these can help with refined targeting and push your business out there.

Build an email list

Offer your customers a regular email newsletter to keep them up to date with your business. Gathering plenty of customer email addresses is very useful when it comes to pushing out important messaging or promoting a product, so keep building your list.

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Offering a freebie, such as a percentage off a first order or a downloadable guide, can encourage sign-ups and help you build your list. Don’t forget to remain compliant with GDPR regulations at all times when it comes to storing customer data.

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