What does a tapping machine do?

You might not know it to look at it but Tapping Machines play a vital role in our daily lives. Without one it would be impossible to have all of the modern technology that we possess today. The reason for this might surprise you. Since the age of the electronic component we have need a system to store and maintain the many resistors, chips and  capacitors that make up the necessary parts for all manner of gadgets and gizmos that we use today.

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As with many other things to do with technology at first human hands built the circuit board. Electronics were painstakingly soldered into the boards with speed and a dab hand with a soldering iron. However, even the slightest charge of static from a human can set off a chip or fuse a component. The boards themselves also required skill. Small, pinprick holes were required for the boards. At first this job was done by hand working a manual drill.

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As devices shrank along with the components it became impossible for the human eye to get such preciseness that was needed. This is where Tapping Machines from Cotswold Machinery Sales come in. Working with precise programming they can create a huge amount of boards all with perfect holes ready for the components to be added. This computer aided work is fast and efficient and can cut down on human error significantly.

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