What to do if there is an issue on the House Survey.

The House Survey is a vital part of the house buying process be it for your main home, second home or a buy to let that you want. They were set up by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors on Government request for use after July 2009 onwards. This has set a standard approach to the level two building survey and helps all parties decide on whether the sale should go through or not. In the majority of cases the Survey and this level or at the basic and advanced of 1 and 3 do not throw any issues up that are a cause for concern. However, what happens if it does. What do you do then?

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The first point of call should be the solicitors so that you can see the report for yourself and try to make sense of it. It is supposed to be produced in a jargon free, easy to understand format. A decent company like Sam Conveyancing for example can help with this. The other people to contact is the Mortgage Advisor of the lender you are using. They should also be aware and can offer reassurance that the mortgage offer is still there it just may need adjusting.

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It might be that the property has an issue that needs to be addressed first. If there is a problem with the windows or roof tiles for example then this may need to come off the sale price or the sellers need to fix it first before it can go through. One of the most annoying is the appearance of Japanese Knotweed that can cause damage to foundations. In pretty much all cases a solution can be found.

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