Which TV shows have got us talking this year?

With the advent of streaming services and the TV channels moving into catch-up and streaming services, TV viewers are becoming much more demanding. We binge-watch shows we love, while others fail just as quickly. The internet is filled with fan sites for the most popular programmes and although we are not all watching episodes together, we are talking about our favourites.

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US shows still hitting the mark

Many of the shows that have been top rated in the UK this year have been US imports. The recent trend for both streaming companies and US TV channels to make big budget, compelling TV series continues. The recent Emmys were dominated by a number of these shows.

Three of these series were on everyones agenda this year: The Crown, a drama based on the early part of the Queens reign; Westworld, a modern sci-fi/fantasy based on Michael Crichtons cult movie; and A Handmaids Tale, a dystopia tale set in a near-future US.

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Streaming originals

All the streaming services have moved into producing original drama in recent years and there have been some series that got us gossiping this year.

Netflix had The Crown, the latest series of Orange is the New Black, and Better Call Saul – the prequel to the massively-successful Breaking Bad.

Amazon had factual fun for the boys with Jeremy Clarkson and friends on their Grand Tour, and an underground hit with the intelligent, beautifully-crafted Sneaky Pete.

Homegrown TV

In the UK, there were a number of homegrown shows that had us all talking and speculating and were available via the main channels or Freeview.

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Broadchurch made a triumphant return with its final series, giving us a chance to solve one last case alongside DI Hardy and DS Miller.

The much-talked-about Apple Tree Yard made a strong statement about female sexuality and showed us that people over 30 still have sex lives, then delved into the dark side of rape and the complexities of our legal system.

Series four of Line of Duty became compulsive viewing with its twists and turns and some of the most shocking scenes ever seen on TV.

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