Why do we love retro games so much?

The use of retro games and become something of a thing again. The use of emulators to recreate old Playstation games, the selection of N64 and SNES options on the Nintendo switch and the countless Windows reverse tech is a clear sign that whilst modern games are mind-blowing, the old ones are the best. There is even the change to own pretty much every single game that was available on that grand oldtimer, the ZX Spectrum, via the Vega system.

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Even our mobile phones have a history of gaming on them. Worm and Mancala were some of the first to be available and still have their fans today. So if you’d like a more modern version, then Vodafone Stores are your best bet. A good Vodafone Store Ireland way is a one-stop-shop for all your mobile tech needs.

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We seem to love these games as with any other form of nostalgia. We like to tell ourselves that these games were better somehow. They may well have been more playable, for one thing. The Generation Xers are riding the nostalgia wave. They were the first to sit in their bedrooms playing on Atari consoles and the Commodore 64. We love retro games as they remind us of our youth and the happy hours that we spent there. However, it seems that the younger generation is also taken with them. The simplicity is an excellent change from the cinematic and challenging modern game. The lack of immersive gameplay is appealing.

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