The seven best projects with a Raspberri Pi to build your own gaming console

Rasberri Pi Console

The advent of visual programming blocks and joined completely revolutionary devices like Arduino boards or Pi Raspberri and derivatives has meant that we spend only the role of buyer creator. Moreover, we love it! That we are going to speak just today.

Passion for DIY, the Raspberri Pi and games / consoles. What could go wrong? Input anything, so we wanted to join several of the threads that are most passionate about and propose seven projects to build your own console with a common denominator: all included or need Raspberri Pi.

Pocket PiGRRL

The charm of the portable Game Boy type is the true spirit of this Pocket PiGRRL, a kit with Raspberri Pi that includes everything you need (unmounted, you deserve some fun) to have a DIY portable console emulators like MAME several NES or Atari2600.

The design can be customized as the housing will not included, so you will have some 3D design or at least some sign of 3D printing to complete the project. The kit costs$ 99.

Rasberri Pi Console
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Resurrect a GameBoy with Raspberri Pi

If imitation of GameBoy not going, how you have leveraged a useless at home in a drawer or purchased online for four hard? Make the most of its insides and put in place our friend Raspberri Pi with an emulator chord.

The challenge is by no means complete yet. Sharpen your skills with DIY that need to operate the controls, including battery, enable sound and take advantage to place a lot better than the original screen.

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Arcade machine with hindfoot

This collection is clear that the game emulation is one of the great attractions of a Raspberri Pi through numerous projects that take full advantage. The true level you can achieve in everything that surrounds the small computer.

This project assembles the emulator in Raspberri Pi but allows you to create an entire arcade machine from scratch and completely customizable by little you have on hand some vinyl printer or even 3D. Believe me, the result is more than worth and is fully explained in the video of Raspberri Pi.

A Pi Super Nintendo

Nostalgia sells, so another project that can test your skills as a “handyman” das while using a Raspberry Pi is Pi Super Nintendo. The creators of it enjoy games of NES and SNES emulators thanks to the RPI, but with the added bonus that everything is mounted on an old SNES.

Arcade machine actual size

If you have time and space, with a limit Raspberri Pi really is up to you. This project put the brain emulator MAME few dollars an entire casing and screen that turns your creation in a gaming machine in real size with which you impress anyone. The recycling of an old arcade machine and even a television tube to make an extra screen is that if you are handyman, can substitute its own. You dare!

Game Super Pi

When moving on to more complete consoles using our Raspberri Pi, why settle for a basic GameBoy if we can improve the original? Using a 3D printer and a 5-inch screen, the Raspberri Pi becomes a handheld control with 12 buttons, a joystick and stereo to speakers.

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An Xbox controller as a handheld

Taking advantage of the small size of the Raspberri Pi Zero, which does not really know right now where, and that a command of the Original Xbox has lots of room inside, Terence Eden has joined these two premises to get a handheld with hindfoot it will integrated into the controller itself.

The back of the control serves as extra space for RBPI Zero as well as output connections to feed and connect it to a TV Wonderful.

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