Already more than one billion iPhone in the world, what’s next for Apple?

one billion iPhone

Things are not going well in Cupertino, although yesterday Apple exceeded market expectations and this made up for with a significant rise in stocks, the reality is that Apple is not right, its most important business in the iPhone figure, shows signs of exhaustion, and the numbers have been strong with two quarters continuous downward.

Despite this, Apple wants to signal that all is well and not to worry. This morning during a symbolic event on the campus of Cupertino, Tim Cook organized a small event with employees to celebrate the sale of the iPhone one billion, which behaved proudly in hand as shown in the photo that opens this entry.

one billion iPhone
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Billion iPhone Is it time to change the strategy came?

Curiously, the milestone was completed, so it was expected that during the presentation of financial results this achievement will be announced, but for some reason was not made public until today, which means that now and more iPhone billion worldwide.

“The iPhone has become one of the most important revolutionary and successful products in history. It has become more than a partner. The iPhone is really an essential part of our daily life and allows a large part of what we do during the day. Last week we passed another important milestone when the iPhone sold one billion. We never set ourselves to the maximum, but we always have proposed making the best products that make a difference. Thanks to everyone at Apple to help change the world every day.”

With this brief speech Tim Cook celebrates the milestone and leaves us all waiting for some action or change of strategy, since the iPhone has been 15% fewer units compared to the previous quarter, which means a drop of 23% in revenues, plus that with the arrival of the iPhone the average price of the device has dropped to $ 595, this compared with $ 662 a year ago, which means that the commitment to four inches was well received, but has not been enough.

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Worst of all is that the picture seems clear, as the downward trend continues and the same Apple has confirmed that the next quarter expects a further drop in sales, and if we add the rumors that in September we will see an iPhone with slight changes, then things get complicated, since apparently the short – term strategy is to wait until 2017 to the 10th anniversary of the iPhone where it is assumed we would see “a new revolution”.

I do not know if this strategy will be adequate, only time will tell, but to analyze it today seems wrong, since you cannot risk the value of an entire company to wait for an anniversary, especially if it is the anniversary of the product it represents 57% of your income, so I think that there is nothing to celebrate.

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