Playstation returns to save Sony: Only video games, music and movies rise in sales


If yesterday we talked about the quarterly balance of LG, today we do of Sony. The Japanese company today published its economic summary of which is its first fiscal quarter of 2016 and, as happened in the previous case, there are not many surprises and the winner is repeated: video games are the singing voice of all divisions.

Just yesterday it was also news for a change internally, selling almost all battery division to Murata for internal restructuring and the comprador evolve in that field. This is still preliminary and very recent and as stated would not be perceived in the balance sheet presented today, but what we do see is that besides which again are only positive results from three of the ten divisions, there is a greater fall of income, namely 10.8% (compared to 1.3% the previous quarter).

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The lifeboat returns to have the same crew

As mentioned, PlayStation area again stands as the winner and saving the company. If in the previous quarter we saw how profits rose 84.3%, this time rise compared to 2015 it is of 126.3%, which translates into 427 million. Benefits also increase slightly from last quarter compared with the same period of 2015, reaching 3,208 million (an increase of 14.5%).

Here the company specifies that the sales increase has been mainly in the software for the PS4 and to a lesser extent for the PS3. As for the benefits talks addition to cost reductions as software PS4 and clarifies that the increase has been achieved despite having invested more in marketing.

Movies and music are also divisions joys typically reported to the Japanese company, this time in part. Sales in the division of Sony Pictures have increased by 20% over the previous year reaching 1.780 billion, according to the company due primarily to an increase in Motion Pictures to have increased in price licenses in cinemas. A bittersweet result for both the music, as sales have increased by 8.7% (1.374 million dollars) but this is not reflected in profits, obtienendo 155 million (49.7% less than in 2015).

The phones do not go back, and they are not alone

Since many balance sheets stringing this division being the ballast by definition of the company. If the previous balance saw a 20% decline in sales compared to the same period last year, this time the descent is nearly double, namely 33.7%. A total of 1,805 million dollars that Sony does not store in its coffers and paint a bleak outlook for its renewed line phones, Xperia X, Xperia XA and X Performance.

However, they talk here that the cause is rather the decline in sales especially in the midrange and there is more demand for higher value phones. In addition, they qualify that restructuring and cost reduction have made that there had been losses in the previous year despite the drop in sales cannot give. Reducing catalog There may be helped this has been the case, although it seems that a change in strategy to overcome sales remains necessary.

Image, home and entertainment components and semiconductor sales fall also, quite considerable section of the chambers. Here sales are 25.8% lower than the first quarter of fiscal 2015 when the previous balance the decline was 1.7%. A reflection of how little video cameras and the negative effects that still has the earthquake in Kumamoto, affecting factories that the company has sold in the area. On the other hand, cost reduction in home entertainment products (televisions and audio) have helped that despite the drop in sales have gotten more benefits than the previous year.

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This time Sony breakdown of the results of the section Devices, which did not go too well stop in the last fiscal quarter of 2015 to record losses of 253 million dollars. If we look at semiconductors, where include sensors and camera modules that the company also sells to other companies, here are almost 23% less sales they had last year.

Underline here that the incidents in factories due to the earthquake affected production this being much lower, but also what is recorded a drop in demand for its sensors. There may still be some negative effect on investment by purchasing Toshiba sensors, but it also seems that manufacturers are looking into other windows to choose the components of their cameras.

An increasingly clear future

Glancing generally without chop numbers, it can already be seen in a very superficial way that Sony is doing very well in video games, although it remains an important brand in other sectors such as audio, video and cameras. What reassures us the latter is where balance is doing better, with sales climbing every quarter unlike other sections (except for movies).

Besides here we know that Sony plans not only new consoles, but expand horizons with the arrival of PlayStation VR. We’ll see if now in September Sony has some surprises prepared for the IFA in other sectors, and if there will be more moves like yesterday in order to go removing those sections that are a burden rather and centralize resources and efforts on what it gives them more money.

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