Apple is testing augmented reality glasses for iPhone, according to Bloomberg


Remember the Google Glass? Because apparently Apple is developing a device that is very similar to what Google raised in 2013, since according to Mark Gurman collecting information on Bloomberg, in Cupertino have begun testing some augmented reality glasses connected to iPhone.

According to the first data, Apple is already negotiating with possible suppliers of screens that would be mounted in a frame for glasses very similar to the one shown by Google, even those companies have already delivered a small amount of these screens so that Apple begins with its tests of face to a launch in 2018.

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Apple’s entry into augmented reality

It’s no surprise that Apple is interested in entering augmented reality, since 2013 we have seen several acquisitions of companies in this field, including Tim Cook said recently that augmented reality is something really great and has some very interesting applications, so have been, and will continue to invest in this technology.

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These glasses to iPhone would be connected wirelessly, as it does today the Apple Watch, and be able to display information such as time, notifications, messages, and other information as well as make calls and even take pictures and video. Yes, just like Google Glass did.

As we know, Google abandoned the project of her glasses in early 2015, since privacy problems caused doubts consumers, and that there were only a few applications that took advantage of their potential. Here you will be interested to see how they solve this Apple.

According to the information, Apple’s augmented reality goggles project is just starting, and the prototype phase has already begun to explore the possibilities, so there is still a long way to go, but everything seems to indicate that the possible release is set for sometime in 2018.

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