Seagate puts us 5TB on a portable disk, is the most capable in its class

Seagate 5TB

Good news for lovers – or need – portable memory, Seagate has been removed from the sleeve a hard drive with an unprecedented capacity, no less than 5TB in a minimum space, a box that weighs more than 250 grams.

The unit responds to the name Seagate Backup Plus Portable, version with the aforementioned capacity and hits the market later this month at a price of $ 190, which does not seem an exorbitant amount for its features.

Seagate 5TB
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Seagate, and other manufacturers are trying to create larger solutions – some exaggerated – and good design with the intention of claiming the attention of new content creators, who are not necessarily professionals. Many people have cameras with more megapixels or easily generate 4K video, and these 5TB are a good answer.

The full dimensions of the unit are quite good, only it measures 20.5 mm high, with a measure for the length of 78 millimeters. That and the 247 grams of weight of the Backup Plus Portable invite us to put it in the backpack of the laptop or the camera.

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What we have in the colorful aluminum housing? For a disk of 2.5 inch of the house, namely the model barracuda with 5TB said. Seagate sells it as the “mobile unit” with more capacity on the market, and combing a little the similar offer of the competition, we can give you the reason.

Compatible with Mac, PC, and all those devices with the ability to connect via USB, which by the way is 3.0, but in ‘old’ format, it would not have been wrong to take the step towards the reversible connector, as we were shown in Innov8 its appeal.

That said, the Seagate Backup Plus Portable 5TB will sell for $ 190 this month – will inform you about your out – and what we choose in four colors: silver, black, red and blue. In its catalog, we have complementary models like the 4TB, which is not replaced by the new, or Ultra Slim options.

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