Foxconn has the money on the table to buy Sharp and Apple could benefit


I do not think it takes too much introduction, butFoxconnis the manufacturer of the most important gadgets that are created in China, among which those that are signed by Apple, specifically their phones are.The millions of iPhones out there that could have some benefit on production and technology if the rumors are true that move fromWall Street Journal.

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According to the American newspaper, the Chinese company (Taiwan) has made ​​a bid forSharp, for an amount of5,300 million dollars.Japan is known for many things, but emphasizes its ability to produce displays, also to create new technology.This would make it more powerful in shaping gadgets in which the screen is a vital element:phones, tablets, also wearables.

The Japanese government will endeavor that the company not remain under Chinese control

But there seems to be only interested in Sharp, as Japanese companies concerned about losing walk and an investment fund –Innovation Network Corp. of Japan(INCJ) – Tucked in which the government has a range of 2,500 million dollars.

Of large Japanese companies that make displays, is the only one left out of the JDI initiative, a company set up betweenToshiba, Hitachi and Sony, to be strong against the Koreans and Chinese.Curiously in JDI also hand the Japanese government through the INCJ said.

Sharp currently produces panels for mobile devices, including Apple products, i.e. are still very much involved in the business meet.Other manufacturers that buys screen areLG and Samsung, but this way is also fueling the economy of its competitors.

The business of the screens reports to Sharp 30.8% of their income. No benefits is so good

LCD screens are the most expensive item of mobile equipment,in June iPhone we know it costs three times more than any other piece.We can imagine that have more direct control over this element can be very important for Foxconn, also for Apple.

We know that Foxconn has invested in Sharp in recent years, and more than once wished to remain with a big chunk of its shareholders without getting control over what the Japanese wanted.Sharp is a company with more than48,000 employeesand 29 workplaces.

A decision on the future of Sharp in the presentation of the next financial results are expected, and that’s going to happennext February 4th.

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