Video: VLC came to Apple TV

VLC came to Apple TV and always features are already in our hands. More information below.

VLC, the popular multimedia player capable of playing almost any format on our screens, announced a few days ago come to Apple TV. Finally, they fulfilled his promise.

From now you can enjoy the features of VLC in TVOS, Apple TV system. This is good news undoubtedly because QuickTime cannot play many formats, where VLC is the king of the applications. But not only this, it also allows access from VLC Plex servers and even from clouds as the popular Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud Drive, and onedrive, among others.

How to access content from VLC to Apple TV?

According to the information we have, to access content from VLC to Apple TV have three options:

The first option is from our local network, sharing a folder on the network and that it contains the videos.

The second option is through a URL; you must drag and drop to display remote content in a kind of web browser.

The third option is through the function Network Stream, thus transmission is done live video and the URL to the application is provided to read this content.

How to play any type of video without Apple TV?

Finally, for users who do not have an Apple TV and have files in formats that your TV can not read, we remind you that you can do the following:

  • Download HandBrake for PC or Mac.
  • Convert video to MP4 format.
  • Save the MP4 USB memory.
  • Connect the TV memory and enjoy the video.

HandBrake is free and ease of use has become a favorite of many application to convert videos to mobile or universals as MP4 formats.

Apple What’s New on the electric car?

Finally, as for other news from Apple, Elon Musk, founder of Tesla Motors said that the apple industry expand electric cars, even though Apple has not yet been officially pronounced on the matter. He concluded by assuring that in the future a car than self will be like having a horse only be acquired for sentimental reasons.

Video: Running VLC in Apple TV

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