This is all that was said of course iPhone 4 inches

iPhone 6c

For weeks there has been talk of a new hypothetical model of the family of smartphones from Apple. The iPhone 6c-if they actually called ASI- would like differentiators diagonal screen Cupertino firm recover the four-inch screen format and recover almost completely forgotten by the rest of the industry.

These rumors have been strengthened with the passage of time, and expand a family of devices that originally was renewed with one variant and then went on to do two identical format (iPhone 5s and 5c) which adopted two different sizes again. That would be the approach Apple, which from March would have three next-generation smartphones in different sizes: iPhone 6s, 6s Plus iPhone and the new iPhone 6c.

iPhone 6c
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Many rumors confirmed

Last year we saw the experiment with the iPhone 5c seemed to have convinced neither users nor Apple itself: the company introduced its new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus there was no news about a potential renewal of that range. In fact the only terminal officially available with 4-inch screen was the iPhone 5s, but that could change now.

Rumors have been flying in recent weeks speak of a release that would occur next March. Although it was said that in that event appear Apple Watch 2, new data seem to confirm that the second iteration of Apple’s intelligent clock will be introduced later, probably in conjunction with the iPhone in July.

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The new 4-inch smartphone would be a significant evolution of that first member of the “C” family and tell for example with Apple A9 processor, although some analysts say Apple will continue to use the Apple iPhone A8 6 / Plus.Besides cameras retain the iPhone 6 / Plus-not those of the 6s / Plus- (8 and 1.2 Mpixel) and would have no Force Touch screen, an option that currently is reserved for its top of the range. What we do is integrate the fingerprint sensor TouchID.

iPhone 6c
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Plastic or metal

Other sources reveal that Apple would not repeat decision regarding the materials used in the iPhone 5c. Thus plastic would spend those mobile metals of new iPhone 6c. This hypothesis has its detractors, which reveal that the design would be identical to the iPhone 5c with a slightly curved screen edges 2.5D as having the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s.

The new terminal also serve three potential purposes: to offer a smartphone with a more affordable cost -eye, do not think of a “cheap iPhone” – compete in markets such as China or India with further guarantees thanks to those more attractive prices and, of course, recover lovers four inches.

According to sources close to Apple Foxconn traditional -partner in making their devices- Apple would have already begun the first phase of production of this device, which would therefore be prepared to be available just in time to be presented.

iPhone 6c
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6c a hypothetical iPhone video

The latest rumor is especially interesting because it shows a hypothetical iPhone video 6c, fresh out of Foxconn production plant. The look of this iPhone 6c is identical to that of the new iPhone 6s / Plus and the only visible difference is the size of the device.

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In this video you can see how far Apple would have preserved the headphone jack controversy that seems to disappear on the iPhone in July, and it is also clear that the TouchID sensor would remain at least so it seems in appearance and construction materials such as aluminum.

Obviously, the video might be showing a device that simply imitate this hypothetical design but it really was a hoax, so as in other cases it is better to be conservative and wait for Apple to show whether everything that has been commenting on the latter weeks was true or not. We’ll see if there’s event in March and what happens then: we will look…

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