Racing drones, thus is born of a new and dramatic technological sport

Racing Drones

They say the difference between boys and men is the price of their toys, and racing drones are the best example. This type of competition is having a major tipping in this start of the year, thanks to which it is already being considered the most spectacular race of all: the XDC (Xtreme Drone Circuit).

The drones are now competing vehicles is not new, the first races of drones emerged as mere entertainment in some regions of the United States and Europe in 2013, but since 2015, have become true spectacles that deplete entries in minutes saturated servers because everyone wants to watch the event via streaming.

…Drones now also serve to compete…

Drones and Las Vegas: The show is guaranteed

In January 2015, thanks to a group of enthusiastic and diverse group of fans drones, the emerged XDC Racing, which in this first edition was held in some old facilities of a hotel in downtown Las Vegas, it They rode a circuit of 150 meters long, where 50 participants met for a prize of $ 5,000 and sponsorship opportunities from various brands.

Racing Drones
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Each participant was devoted to modify your drone to make it more streamlined and able to reach speeds up to 100 km / h, of course there is the factor of identity and customization, where we saw real works of art, with LED lights, aggressive aspects to intimidate the other competitors, but a key point is the installation of the camera and transmission system connected to a eyewear. So each participant invested about $15,000 in preparing your drone ship and turns it into a career.

The transmission system between drone and pilot, allowing the race has a special immersion point, since the pilot will have the first-person view of what it receives the drone, thus having a wonderful experience as if the pilot is aboard the ship.Therefore, the competition lasts three days with races where only four drones can participate at a time, to avoid collisions and interference in transmissions.

For 2016, the XDC_2 was held from 7 to 9 January; he changed his headquarters to a small arena, but remained in Las Vegas. Thanks to the experience and the good results obtained in 2015, this second edition of XDC was attended by various companies and sponsors, as the case ImmersionRC Ltd and ReadyMadeRC, who mounted pilot stations with virtual reality goggles connected to each drone.

Besides this, the circuit stop being linear and transformed into a spiral, where the pilots were to fire rings, low lighting and a space filled with neon lights, a fascinating experience that its 500 tickets sold out in just 10 minutes and 75 pilots where a prize of $ 10,000 and various sponsorships were enrolled.

For the first time, the competition was broadcast live via streaming more than 3,000 spectators worldwide, causing the servers to fall several times and had to open other transmissions because they did not expect such a demand.

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This is just beginning

The XDC is the first competition with international impact, which has caused this year, have already been announced races in Chile and France, which have been organized by various institutions seeking to create a link between users and their ability to change drones and trying to formalize one technological sport that is just beginning.

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