We expect an Apple Watch 2 with GPS, barometer and better processor

The new iPhone will not stop leaks appear everything from specifications to prototypes that allow us to see the appearance of the new phone, but on the renewal of the smart watch of the house little is known. Clearly, a new model is necessary to revitalize interest by wearable, and all indications are that this year will not happen.

Two years have passed since the Apple Watch became a real product, we analyze it by twice while we discovered that it would not become a breakthrough product as it was the iPhone, nor the Android Wear competition I would get a before and after with wearables.

If we pay attention to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo – KGI Securities – always close to Apple material appear, we can say that arrive a couple of models in this 2016. Everything it indicates that there would be a “Apple Watch 2” that would come with a conservative design, with no major changes. Grace would be inside, with powerful new capabilities for such a small device.

The first thing expected is that the clock count with integrated GPS, while a barometer. In the part of process is expected a new faster processor (16nm, TSMC). We should not rule out the possibility of a camera and a relationship with Facetime.

The most interesting thing would be to have a watch with data connectivity to do it completely independent of the phone. That looks like it will happen throughout 2017 when a version with LTE connectivity.

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We have said that from the point of view of design will be little change, but the idea is introduced a thinner screen that also causes that there is more room for a larger battery, in turn necessary considering the additional circuitry is expected. We may be faced with a product more prepared to resist water.

The other version that comment would be less competitive upgrade the current model, with better processor, better designed to be tough, and possibly a price.

Together with the new iPhone 7

We expect a presentation for the new iPhone 7 almost within a month, is there might know something about these new watches, which hit the market with watchOS 3.0 operating system.

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