Google for virtual meetings in the future will be through drones

Google Virtual Reality Drone

Developments involving drones are growing day by day, and Google has been very active in this field with several projects that leverage the use of these aircraft in a lot of tasks.

This week has been granted Google a patent interesting that tells of a drone whose main function would be to serve as a communication device, focused mainly on virtual meetings and conferences in companies, but their chances point to be broader.

Google Virtual Reality Drone
Image Source: Google Image

Yes, a drone that you will follow the faces of people

According to the embodied in the patent, it is a quadruplicate with design ‘H’ equipped with a projection system and a screen that can be expanded to show the image of our party, it will also have a camera that will serve to capture image and transmit it via the Internet to anywhere in the world where video call is in progress.

The idea is that the drone is flying through the conference room capturing the face of the person speaking, and so to be moving from one side to the other with such tasks, that while transmitting on the translucent screen image of people with which is being talked about.

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But that’s one of the many ideas that could bring this drone implemented as it could be linked to a communication system such as a computer, but could also be driven by smartphone as a device that would provide access to the video call. Furthermore the projection system would also function to transmit the image onto a surface format hologram.

Although it sounds like an attractive idea for talks at a distance, remember that this is a patent and so far does not guarantee that it will carry out a project that is developing. On the other hand we have to see how to resolve the issue of autonomy and above all the noise, since we are talking about conferences where silence is key to listen to the participants, and the idea of having a drone flying through the room seems not Very quiet.

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