What you can do if do not work correctly the Touch ID?

Apple TouchID

Since the launch of iPhone 5sTouch IDhas been present in most devices that Apple has presented.All new generations of iPhone and new iPad have the fingerprint reader Apple. Functionality that ultimatelyhas shown theentire usefulness and extra dose of security providedto the devices.

Despite how effective it is – themargin of error is confirm – and recognition speed has – in the second generation is twice as fast – the truth it is thatsometimes does not work properly.It occurs in isolated and after long periods of use cases, but sometimes the Touch ID fails to identify fingerprints.Here you have two options, or put the password manually or you keep trying until finally recognizes your fingerprint.

Apple TouchID
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The reasons for the Touch ID malfunction may be several, but mainly occurs bya change in our tracks (some cut for example), dirt or moisture.Anyway, there are a couple of steps you can take the matter to get you misidentify.

Recalibrate the Touch ID

The most logical and simple measure is tocalibrate the Touch ID again.This basically means erasing fingers currently has stored the device and add themagain.These are the steps to follow.

  1. Clean the sensor and your fingers in order to avoid any interference from dirt and moisture between you and the Touch ID.
  2. Go to Settings and then Touch ID & Password.
  3. Deletes all currently stored fingers.
  4. Add fingers again followingthe steps of theconfiguration process: first the central part of the tread and then the outer.

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Still malfunctioning, there are more solutions

If the problem persists after you calibrate the Touch ID havea couple of otheroptions before resorting to Apple support.

  • Perform ahard reset the deviceto remove cache and temporary data.To do this press and hold for 10 seconds the Home button and the Power.
  • Performs acomplete restoration of the iPhone or iPad.It is even more radical, but it can solve the problem.
  • Go toApple Support.Maybe the problem is hardware; the technical team will analyze everything and offer a solution.

In either form, itis advisable toperform regular maintenance of Touch ID. Recalibrate every so often is a good choice, not only to improve performance but also to increase the security of iPhone or iPad to possible breakouts by others.

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