A year later, Apple Watch wins, but … convinced?

Apple Watch

It was one of the most anticipated products in recent years, and everyone expected to happen as in other mature markets: Apple reinventing itself the wheel and gives him final round nut. When the Apple Watch arrived, however, there was disruption that some posed.

Almost a year after his arrival we are faced with an unfamiliar situation for the signing of Cupertino: your product certainly better than the competition sells, but that is not enough. The satisfaction rate is high among the owners, but a recent survey reveals that many believe that the product is not particularly convincing.

Apple Watch
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Users of Apple Watch, satisfied

The survey conducted by the company FLUENT was conducted among nearly 2,600 people in the United States, and being asked whether they considered a success at Apple Watch, 53% said no . At the same time it became clear that most device users are happy with it: 77% of those who had it responded yes seemed a success, and two out of three said they would be updated to the new version when he appeared.

What they like to those users of Apple Watch? The survey revealed that not need to get the iPhone to access reminders or notifications was the key reason I bought the Apple Watch. A similar survey conducted by Wristly revealed that although many saw the Apple Watch as a “lackluster novelty” device surprised by its high level of satisfaction .

92% of owners were satisfied or very satisfied with the purchase, and recommended to your friends and acquaintances. But even those users felt that the Apple Watch was expensive – let alone their bracelets – something the company wanted to correct the recent downgrade in these devices.

Enviable and envied sales

The company has not officially indicated how many units sold, but according to IDC were distributed 11.6 million of Apple Watch in 2015 and it is estimated that has left more than 5,000 million dollars in the coffers of the company led by Tim Cook. It is a huge number, but it is almost a drop in the ocean littered with iPhones that Apple is still living.

Some consider that the Apple Watch has already failed, but the truth is that getting those sales to a device that is not even as revolutionary as expected is remarkable. Much more is expected of Apple Watch 2, according to the latest leaks arrive in June and will do so with a format 40% thinner (but not round).

Notwithstanding important that product will not be your design software which too- but, as with watchOS 3.0 native applications are the great hope of a device as in the rest of the segment should declare independence the iPhone will be consolidated.

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A segment with much uncertainty

Smart watches were trend last year, but in 2016 MWC could see how suddenly have become largely absent. With hardly relevant ads, the only interesting novelty that was outlined was the relevance of eSIM and how this integrated card could be critical to that sought independence.

The truth is that there are other issues that affect the future of these products, and the battery except in the case of Pebble- is one of the most pressing. Enter connectivity to provide them with independence that will consume battery even faster, which again could determine the future usefulness of these smart watches.

And yet, it is clear that there are many scenarios in which these devices still have a promising future. Health or mobile payments are two cases discussed, but developers who end up surprising us with new facets that will surely end up giving a lot more sense both Apple Watch as smart watches based on Android Wear and other platforms such as Pebble.

The autonomy of these devices with respect to mobile – not having to depend of them could be a significant jump, but we’ll have to wait to see where a product (and a segment) is aimed despite having a year market still raises numerous questions.

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