Intel is strong in artificial vision and the eyes of the DJI drones are produce by them


At Intel, not it can happen as with mobile devices, where it was completely out of the market when introducing proprietary technology in them. Not wanting to repeat the situation is making every effort in the new fields of growth in this consumer electronics: Internet of things and artificial vision or computer.

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We have seen unusual movements in Intel, like signing with ARM to make its processors. But we will not stop to see creations from scratch, away from the typical evolution of its processors, such as the launch of contrived developer platforms. However, it is in investments and purchases where more has to move, taking advantage of the talents that jut into new markets: the last we know is that it went shopping and brought to Movidius.

Who is Movidius? For it is a startup that has revolutionized the artificial vision and has become famous for putting eyes to the drone DJI it is also responsible for helping the Tango Google phone record in 3D space in which they find themselves. No, not DJI, nor Google, nor Lenovo will have had a hand to the German company – we did not know if there was interest – has been the money and the proposed Intel has liked.

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Movidius has no more than eight years of experience in occupation but already has more than 180 people, and growing thanks to be working on something that will be much needed in the coming years. In the years ahead will be much functional standalone device that not only must be taught to see, also to think.

Create processors and cameras that see what is around is not only important for gadgets such as those described, this technology is very important for autonomous vehicles or assistance, another place where Intel cannot stay without participating.

His most famous creation is the Myriad 2 processor, a tiny chip capable of working with different video sources with which to interpret what happens around the gadget you are using, all with a minimum consumption. It is located within the famed DJI Phantom 4, and will be used in a helmet of virtual reality by Lenovo.

What is the first thing you plan to do with it? Well it is safer to integrate technology in cameras Movidius Intel RealSense, capable of recording depth, but no ground to explore in virtual reality, drones, robots, or security cameras.

Intel keeps moving tab and this is just another purchase in a month as a few days ago was spent 400 million dollars in the Nervana Systems, a company specializing in machine learning startup – machine-learning – another field more increase.

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