ASUS ZenBook 3 welcomes you to Kaby Lake, the latest Intel processors

Asus Zenbook 3

We discussed this morning, the first batch of processors Kaby Lake was going to stop flagship products from leading manufacturers, and these devices would be portable and computers 2 to 1. The first test is this ASUS Zenbook 3, one of the thinner and lighter market, which is now also more modern inside equipment.

Presented to the public last May, we had the opportunity to know firsthand, as you can see in the video that we share below, but obviously is a completely current product inside and out, now that you put the seventh generation Intel chips.

Asus Zenbook 3
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Fortunately in this presentation they have been based on teaching the product and the innovations that have to do with Intel, from making an extreme comparison with Apple hardware, which benefits them level specifications, but rather portrays.There are teams in Acer or Dell you could also go through this comparison, they not made.

The Zenbook 3 is a laptop that weighs 910 grams, an incredible figure for a team that has a screen of 12.5 inches. The thickness is another of the highlights: closed occupies only 11.9 millimeters. Outwardly there is no change between this new model and that showed at Computex, with the same colors: gold, gray and dark blue.

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The set is quite complete, finding room for a sound system signed by Harman Kardon with four speakers: two in the base, two under the screen. We also have backlit keyboard, trackpad and a rather special because it integrates a sensor fingerprint, designed to get along with Windows Hello.

We do not want to overextend in known specifications, but we cannot forget that this team has protection Gorilla Glass 4 for the screen, which by the way has a minimum framework: 7.6 mm, the display occupies 82% of the front. We ended up with the battery is 40Wh, with rapid charging and 9 hours of battery life.

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