Nine gadgets that cost very little and you get a lot


It is more common than we would like to have the feeling that when buying a new gadget does not just make the most we thought and that investment in money does not correspond with what we get from day to day. A kind of relationship use money.

Luckily there are gadgets on the market that cost very little and investment return multiplied by lot or at least think we are comforted low price. We have selected nine of what we consider best, but do not hesitate to share this secret as the gadget you get the feeling they really did not pay anything for what it offers.

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No surprises have to Chromecast of Google at the top of this list of gadgets that cost little and offer us much. There are few more powerful and easy to have a flexible media center on any TV via HDMI possibilities.

From a very simple installation, applications and content we have in smartphones, tablets or laptops jumps directly to the TV without complications. If on-demand content is the king of television today is an imprescidible Chromecast which, again, is priced at those who do not have to think much.

Portable external battery

Although the removable battery for smartphones is still carried in the field of business, consumer level a must today is the external battery. Whether you hold your smartphone more than a day of normal use, prices, sizes and capabilities of current models, having a battery is practical and one of those products that you are always happy to have on hand.

Among the variety of models available in the market, an excellent choice would be the RAV Power Luster of 6000 mAh. Its capacity is sufficient for 2 to 3 full loads of a current smartphone is compact, it has an output of 5V / 2.1A.

Xiaomi Miband

Suppose you’ve succumbed to fever quantification but afraid to leave the passion within a few weeks. In that case or testing applications on your own smartphone or something more comfortable: A bracelet quantifying not cost nearly anything. And that’s the Xiaomi MiBand, one of the star accessories that have brought fame to the Chinese firm in the market.

Basic headphones Sony

If you want multi headphones without feeling guilty if you will appreciate the dollars they cost, there are alternatives to stash givers on airlines and trains. If you are looking for a headset that are comfortable, well designed and with adequate performance notes.

USB Hub with Ethernet port

Maybe when you need not hinder anything, but nowadays a USB hub to the computer is a must have. There are very good and complete models in the market but here we seek to maximize their use and ensure that the price does not pose a barrier to entry when you buy it.

It is compact, gives us three USB 3.0 ports, almost as a gift, an Ethernet port is great for those who have forgotten ultrabooks this port. And in the hotels where we provide connectivity with this port is a delight to have an accessory like this.

Raspberri Pi

Who would have thought a few years ago, very few, that a product like Raspberri Pi, we would leave possibilities as to become a functional computer or the most common, multimedia center.

Yes, it has many competitors, some of them more affordable and powerful, but the community around the Raspberri Pi, accessories and quantity of documented to play with your RP2 projects, it is our choice.

Wireless Network Extender

Forget the biggest nightmare of a connected world, that costs a wireless extender such as TP-Link, which just plug into an outlet, makes that area of the house where the main WiFi network is not adequate, regain vitality.

This model is also compact; visually appealing and can reach speeds up to 300 Mbps.


If virtual reality here, that if there virtual reality. We know that will be part of the future but this is expensive if we choose to complex solutions. And all to take a while to play a video or you will be excited.

Google made ​​some virtual reality campaign for his idea of Cardboard and that many brands are launched to offer products that take virtual reality to us. The psychological barrier fulfills it perfectly with this accessory that if one day is not used, no remorse or crisis in the bank account. You can check the results in the test we did to a model.

Bluetooth command to play with your smartphone

Other gadgets that if they have a low price will not mind having a drawer when it is necessary to use a bluetooth remote for casual games on the smartphone. The only care you should have is to be proactive and make it load a bit before using.

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